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[Community Tournaments] Demonic Infection

Létrehozva: 22-07-04 20:05

Our Demon Slayer [Hinokami Chronicles]
tournament series has been renewed!
This year we organise a local event for the
communities on 24th September in Kecskemét!


↑ Kattints IDE
a részletekért magyarul!


The details and new features of
the community tournaments

♦ the fights were in ‘Round Robin’ and
‘Double Elimination’ systems
on the PlayStation 4 & 5 platforms;
♦ if you transformed into a demon, there was no turning back;
♦ this time we also organised a 『Windjammers 2』
mini-tournament for the fans of 1 versus 1 games; plus
♦ community meeting with leisure-play all day!



The promotional video of the event:



Tournament videos:





♣ Take a look at the summary of
our 11-year-old [NARUTO] series!
(in Hungarian)





Community Tournaments: Demonic Infection


Date: 24th September 2022 (Saturday), 9:00–19:00 (in UTC+2)


Location: Hírös Agóra Cultural and Youth Centre
(H-6000 Kecskemét, Deák Ferenc tér/Square 1)





The prizes:

♣ The I. place
was rewarded with the Winner’s Trophy.


The II. place
received a finalist certificate and
a DualSense Wireless Controller.


The III. place
received a finalist certificate, and
an item offered by『KonzolSec』.


♣ The highest placing
Hungarian and foreign competitors
took 60-60 thousand forints
(150-150 EUR) prize money.


♣ For the winner of
the 『Windjammers 2』
a certificate, and
a gift voucher of 15 000 forint value,
which can be redeemed
in theAlzawebshop.


[The winner is liable for declaring the cash prize as income
under the terms of the laws of their country at tax time.]



Time schedule:


The Arrival of the Players


Hellish Quart


Compulsory Warm-Up


Group Drawings and Discussion
About the Course of Competing


‘Round Robins’
in the [Demon Slayer] Tournament
(and lunch break for those who
do not compete yet or any longer)


‘Double Elimination’ System
with the Advancing Competitors



[Windjammers 2]
(16 players, in ‘Double Elimination’)


Competition with the Best 4
[Demon Slayer] Players
Until the Finals


Awarding Ceremony,
Photo Session and Closure



The supporters of the tournament:

Esport 1


NARUTO Video Game and
Anime-Manga Community

♦ PlayStation.Community




questions about this event
can be sent to our Facebook site or
to our games@kecskemet.co e-mail address!

: @KecskemetGames

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