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V4 × OKT9 — The 9th National TEKKEN Tournament

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After last year’s OKT8 TEKKEN 7 event,
the OKTV tournament series continue in 2019.
In cooperation with 4 countries our 9th championship
will be held on 21-22nd September in Budapest, where
the biggest cash prize of all time will be offered!


↑ Kattints IDE
a részletekért magyarul!


> On this event, for all 4 invited countries
(Poland, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary)
the most important goal is the same:
let the TEKKEN fans show themselves

and play very good matches together! <


☆ The promotional video
of this year’s V4 Grand Tournament: ☆



The features of the championship:
round robins and double elimination
tournament elements for 160 players,
with 2 wins per matches
(with traditional 3 Rounds)!


More details can be found on
the V4 Future Sports website: HERE



Location: Hungexpo

H-1101 Budapest, Albertirsai út/Road 10.


Date: 21–22nd September, 2019

• The participation is free on both days!







can be found under the following links:









♦ For the I. place:
5000 euros

♦ For the II. place:
2500 euros

♦ For the III. place:
1000 euros

♦ For the IV. place:
500 euros

♦ For the V–VI. places:
300 euros

♦ For the VII–VIII. places:
200 euros

[The cash prize of the winners will expectedly be completely tax-free.]




EXTRA: Gallery from last year’s OKT8 event


OKT8 FINAL matches




: you can join the event HERE








questions about this event can be sent to our Facebook site 
or to our games@kecskemet.co e-mail address!

: @KecskemetGames

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